Ural Limited Edition Motorcycles

From Russia With Love 2020

This year’s Limited Edition Ural is inspired by the elegance and sophistication of the ultimate espionage icon or… by the highly anticipated (yet postponed) you-know-which spy movie and indubitably by that very alluring mystique that comes only from Russia… with Love.

Each FRWL Ural is well-appointed with luxurious upholstery, timeless chrome and stainless trim, exquisitely painted with our own unique blend of silver birch. The sidecar features a wrapped dash with centre timepiece, a 12V power outlet and EJECT button disguised as a functional lighter are within arm’s reach should the need arise. Halogen driving lights will illuminate the darkest missions, while the on demand 2WD is ready to take on any assignment.

Ural Motorcycles has produced only thirty-five of these exclusive limited editions, each bearing the unique name of the most successful Russian female operatives (don’t ask how we know).

Ural Air 2018

Urals are legendary for handling some of the most challenging terrain. This year’s Limited Edition Ural Air encourages riders to explore further… on the ground and in the air. The inspiration behind this LE was to open Ural riders to new experiences, and see their adventures from a different perspective. It also reflects our fascination with blending Ural’s classic design with cutting edge technologies.

A specially designed compartment opens on the nose of the sidecar, revealing a DJI Spark drone. The drone controller is firmly attached to the sidecar with custom made RAM Mount. The sidecar passenger, turned navigator, can use the Spark’s video capturing technologies to gain the bird’s eye view of the path ahead.

Ural Air comes in Slate Grey metallic colorway with satin finish and features all black powertrain. Standard equipped with on-demand 2 wheel drive and sidecar mounted spare wheel this Gear Up based model takes you further.

As with previous Limited Edition Urals, there’s always an added bonus – Ural Air comes with a windsock…on a selfie stick. After all, you can’t operate a drone ship without proper wind tracking technology.

Ural Baikal 2017

Ural Baikal LE comes in new Baikal Blue metallic colorway with Yamal orange interior accents. Standard equipped with our legendary on-demand 2 wheel drive and sidecar mounted spare wheel, this Ural is ready to take you far beyond the marked trails. Cut through the ice, literally, with the side mounted high carbon steel hatchet. Keep your vodka in the VSSL x Ural compact flask and light your campfire with Titan stormproof matches.

Baikal LE features full protection with ceramic undercoating on the sidecar tub and interior of all 3 fenders. Combined with the standard issue sidecar windshield your bike and co-pilots will be full protected from the harsh gusts of Siberian winter.


Ural Ambassador 2016

In honor of our 75th anniversary we’d like to introduce our newest limited edition, the Ural Ambassador.

Inspired by the extraordinary world travelers and storytellers who chose to brave the adventure and explore the world by sidecar. Our Ural Ambassador is the envoy of good will, a perfect vehicle to connect with people from all walks of life, explore foreign terrains and start a conversation with perfect strangers no matter where the road takes you.

Ural Dark Force 2015

From a factory far, far away; nestled in the Ural Mountains, comes the Dark Force. Standard equipped with Lightsaber®, LED lighting, and fully blacked out to hide you in the shadows.

Inspired by the world of Star Wars®, we created a motorcycle that lets your inner child explore the dark side with little damage to the real world balance of power. Come to the dark side...we've got sidecars!


Ural Mir 2014

MIR comes in a brilliant orbital white with fine metal flake and finished with blue pearl clear. The result is a glowing white Ural with hues of blue that shift with the light - a perfect paint job for your intergalactic mission. A solar panel serves as a battery tender and accessories power source. If your mission requires more storage capacity, the panel can be swapped with the included sidecar nose luggage rack. To defeat the darkness of space we’ve fitted the sidecar with dual high-intensity LED lights and a custom tonneau cover that uses reflective insulation and can be used as a rescue thermal blanket. The next comes the wrench. Travel in deep space is filled with the unknown, so we’ve secured an emergency repair wrench onboard, complete with an embedded QR code for very special “when all else fails” emergency repair instructions from Lev Andropov.

Ural Gaucho Rambler 2013

Introducing the 2013 American West-inspired limited edition Ural Gaucho Rambler, a motorcycle created in collaboration with Pendleton Woolen Mills. This limited edition Ural is a wistful homage to a past age. The color is new, chosen by Pendleton, and we named it Pacific Blue. The bike comes with sunburned canvas upholstery and a “Journey West” blanket by Pendleton. The Gaucho Rambler is equipped with Ural’s legendary 2wd capability to overcome adverse terrains. This is a bike ready for the long road and the spiritual journey devoid of stuff. No need to pack, no need to prepare, there’s nothing to do but go.


Ural Yamal 2012

The Yamal Peninsula, which translates as the end of the Earth, is a peninsula in Russia, which is known for being nothing short of inhospitable, barren, and perpetually frozen. When we chose our inspiration for the 2012 limited edition, we struck upon the brilliance of the Yamal, a vessel designed to conquer any impasse.

Our limited edition Ural Yamal is spec'd with its own double hull like the boat: we've weather proofed the bottom and the lower portion of the sidecar body and the fenders for additional protection. We powder coated it flat orange—the Ural Yamal can be spotted anywhere. And to defeat the long nights as you travel from waypoint to waypoint, we included additional lighting. Knobby spare tire, and hand guards round out the mission capability of the Ural Yamal. An impasse may come in other shapes and sizes beyond weather and topography, so our Yamal also includes an oar—which can double as a defensive tool or your last hope of survival on thin ice... you never know. Finally, the sea-going Yamal is unforgettable with its menacing teeth.

Ural M70 Anniversary 2011

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the legendary Irbit Motorcycle Factory, we introduced the M70 Anniversary Limited Edition model based on the Retro model. It is painted in olive drab, the sidecar has a machine gun mount and its tonneau cover is made of canvas similar to the one used on the M72. Just like the M72 it also includes a spare wheel and shovel.

The tear drop gas tank is decorated with a replica of the first factory badge (circa 1956). The motorcycle features a tractor style seat and luggage rack on the rear fender. Each anniversary M70 also comes with a special commemorative plaque, and is equipped with 18″ aluminum rims, 40 mm Marzocchi telescopic forks, Sachs shocks, Brembo front disc brake, and other modern features. A longer wheel base and lower sitting sidecar make this model the fastest and best handling Ural.


Ural Taiga 2010

The inspiration for this years's limited edition model comes from Taiga, the world's largest northernmost forest frontier. The model represents endurance, resourcefulness and determination, the qualities necessary to navigate the unknown territories and survive the wilderness of the Great Taiga forests.

It so happens that at Ural we specialize in keeping the traction when the road gets uncertain. So for all the pioneers at heart out there, we introduce Ural "Taiga" 2WD - the ultimate adventure vehicle to carry you through your very own Taiga wilderness. Taiga is equipped with off-road accessories and practical tools to survive the most remote and treacherous conditions, should you choose to brave an adventure to Siberia.

Ural Red October 2009

This year our European colleagues from Ural Motorcycles GmbH came up with the idea of the Red October to commemorate either the 25th anniversary of the novel "The Hunt for the Red October" or the 92nd anniversary of the Red October Revolution (whichever comes first).

They have been bold and courageous in choosing a color scheme, not usually associated with a classic motorcycle and sidecar design. Red October ... Single wheel drive, 18” wheels and 3.89 final drive ratio, lower seating sidecar on the Retro sidecar frame - fastest Ural combination! Black trim against the dressy red paint scheme... available fall of 2009.


Ural Sahara 2008

Inspired by the sandy dunes of the great Sahara desert and also by the wildly popular European Pustinja model, Ural is bringing the Limited Edition Gear Up Sahara '09 to America.

It is considered to be the Limited Edition for 2008, but it was sold in 2009 as a 2009 Model Year. Unfortunately for all of us there were only 50 Sahara bikes built for the U.S. market and they are pretty much impossible to find, because there owners have absolutely no desire to part with them.

Any military theme Ural looks like it just came from the Indiana Jones era, but what makes the “Sahara” and “Pustinya” belong to that era even more is the fact that all bike parts are painted the same color – bike and sidecar frame, suspensions, arm and levers, wheels … everything. This is tedious and time consuming process that was only done on “Sahara”, “Pustinya” and “Taiga” Limited Edition Urals. On all other Urals these parts are painted in flat black and body parts are painted in specific color.


If you have questions about a LE Ural older than 2008 please contact us.