June 2020: The summer of closed borders. Quarantine restrictions deepen the the itch to get out, wanderlust is real and it’s calling!

One afternoon in Moscow, four old friends get together and decide on a road trip. The idea? Join the team of Irbit factory test drivers on the ride in northern Urals over to Dyatlov Pass. Why not? Everyone knows: the best ideas, and the worst, perhaps, come over a couple of beers… It’s what you do next makes for the the great adventures and stories to tell.

Dyatlov Pass Film: One epic adventure.

Now with English subtitles.

Special thanks to the team at Irbit Motorcycle factory, Anton Malyshev of Motul, Vladimir Chaikovsky, Dmitry Zakharov and Dmitry Khitrov. Watch the full film here on our YouTube channel.

Through Black & White Lens

Eighteen months after the world started to shut down, Ilya Khait is back at the factory, bringing us images from the assembly floor. Through his eyes and through the black & white lens of his camera: we made it through the worst of the pandemic. Time to ramp up.

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Product Spotlight: Nitron Shocks For Ural

Introduced as standard equipment on the GEO Limited Edition this five piece high performance shock package is now available for most URAL motorcycles! Contact dealers for availability or visit our shop.

Installation: How To

This video outlines the basic steps required to remove the stock suspension on a Ural sidecar motorcycle and replace them with NITRON, NTR R1 twin-shocks. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY and is not intended to be instructional. Ural Motorcycles recommends any service or repair be performed by an authorized Ural Dealer or Service Center.

Test Drive: Impressions

New Documentary: Official Selection Big Sky Film Festival


Meet Leavinghomefunktion


Five young artists had an idea to explore human connection through a 2.5 years, 43,000kms travel from Germany via Russia, Mongolia, Alaska to New York.

When plans collapse things start to get interesting…
Through our Breakdown Theater we come in contact with the strangest mix of people around the globe. Pulled, pushed and towed – with their help we always get a bit further..!
— LeavingHomeFunktion

Premiers February 23, 2021

Postscriptum: A Story To Inspire

It was a very special week in Redmond in late 2016 when these guys showed up on their 650s loaded to the brims with their halfway-round-the-globe baggage, laughter and undefeatable spirit. When Sergey saw the bikes, he just shook his head. And then got to work.

This story is about youth, the audacity, the crossing of the borders, the breaking of the barriers, the pushing of the limits, the ability to learn, to listen and to communicate on a very basic human level. It is one hell of an inspiration for finding your joy in our complicated, fast, technology obsessed 21st century. And it is our joy and an honor to share this story with you.


Watch the entire film on the official website of Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Paint Yourself Orange: New Custom Color

This blog post introduces a new custom paint scheme. We call it Outback Orange - liquid paint orange with metal flake and satin clear coat finish. Inspired by the rusty nuclear icebreakers and our own 2012 Yamal LE, two things you can be sure of: this Gear Up will make you stand out on the road or off and … almost none of this is just about the color. It is about how much has changed inside while the looks are still seemingly unchanged.

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Evolution: Year to Year Technical Changes

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New For 2020/21

  • 19” aluminum rims from Italcerchio S.R.L.

  • Forged brake caliper brackets

  • One-piece forged alternator adapter shaft

  • Bi-metal piston pin bushing

  • Updated swing arm and fork leg design incorporates dust seals to prolong bearing life

  • Improved rear sidecar body mounts "snowmen" incorporate an internal spring for increased load capacity

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New For 2019

  • New Generation EFI system utilizing Keihin throttle bodies

  • Re-designed cylinder head covers

  • Cooling fins increased in surface area for improved cooling efficiency

  • Improved piston and cylinder design

  • Throttle position sensor for improved throttle response.

  • Improved oil pick-up design and increased oil pan capacity

  • Universal spare wheel

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This Ural is shown with an optional off-road use only 2-in-1 exhaust by GPR. Now available in black.


Optional Sidecar Windshield

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Popular Custom Addition: Protective Undercoating

Anti-corrosion coating protects external sidecar underbelly and inside of the fenders. Inner sidecar coating is also available for custom order directly from the factory. Contact your dealer for ordering details or contact us.

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