Ural HQ Update, March 31st

Dear Friends,

We have been working on adjusting our operations to the new reality and we’d like to give you an update on the latest.

  1. As we informed you earlier, the assembly of new motorcycles at our factory in Irbit has been suspended. Since our last update the situation with logistics in and out of Russia hasn’t improved. We are still not able to import components to the factory.

  2. Majority of our suppliers are holding our orders patiently until we figure out when and how we can restart the assembly. Some suppliers, however, are pulling back from shipment of components to the factory which, among other things, amplifies the need for moving the final assembly outside of Russia.

  3. We estimate approximately 6 months gap in supply of new motorcycles. As far as supply of parts made at the factory, we are cautiously optimistic about our ability to organize export logistics within a month. Our parts managers have been building up stock levels for a while in response to supply chain issues, it is now coming in handy.

  4. We are having some success with moving the two stuck containers that have been sitting in port in Europe for over a month, and if all goes well, they will arrive to NY end of April/early May.

  5. Our dealers have been extremely supportive of us and of each other as we all navigate the limited supply of bikes. Please contact your local dealer - they will help you find the Ural you want so you can enjoy this riding season to the fullest.

We will start adjusting and correcting production plan for the remainder of the year and 2023 in the first week of April. If you are planning to place a custom order for future production, please contact your dealer as quickly as possible. When we receive information on actual orders, we can allocate production accordingly.

We pray for peace and we thank you for your support.

Be safe and stand by!

The Team at Ural

Ural HQ Update, March 7th

Photo credit @michaelbielecki

Dear Friends,

We are incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received over the course of these endlessly long days. Coming from the Ural community it wouldn’t have been any other way. We are a small and fiercely independent company building sidecar motorcycles in Siberia. Yet, our challenges are nothing in comparison to the devastation and human suffering caused by the war in Ukraine. It's hard to find the words in this unfathomable reality; our hearts bleed for the victims and all we can repeat again and again is that this war must stop now.

As a business with responsibility to our customers we want to make sure we keep you in the loop and here's the latest regarding operations:

  1. Assembly of new motorcycles in Irbit is on hold at this moment.

  2. There are several containers with motorcycles and parts currently in transit with arrivals in March (US bound) and in April-May (Australia, Japan).

  3. We also have a number of containers that are built and waiting to be shipped. We are working on ocean export logistics, which is the main challenge right now.

  4. Spare parts manufacturing at the factory remains fully operational. We are currently rearranging logistics for these parts. Outsourced parts and components from outside suppliers are being rerouted directly to our distribution companies.

  5. Parts, warranty and tech support by distributors and dealers is uninterrupted and remains our highest priority.

Overall, the situation remains difficult to forecast. Regardless, we are fully committed to ensuring continuity of the brand and are prepared to take all steps necessary to support our customers and the product.

Be safe and stand by!

The Team at Ural

Message from Ural HQ

Dear Friends,

We wish we wouldn’t have to update you under the circumstances we find ourselves in.

Questions and concerns inevitably come up about possible sanctions, availability of bikes and parts, support and so on. The short answer is that we are as ready as we can possibly be to address whatever challenges may come our way. Over the years we've learned to navigate ups and downs, to make plans B, C and D both strategically and on the fly. We’ve weathered storms that were very real and dealt with obstacles that were not so publicly known. The history of our brand shows that Ural always finds a way to move forward.

Our highest priorities have always been our employees, our partners and our customers. We still hope for people to remain human, value life and stand for living instead of fighting.

We pray for peace.

The Team at Ural

2022 Product Changes Insights

People often say Ural never changes, it looks exactly like my grandpa’s, which is true, sort of…. The look is almost just that, until you delve into the details. In this video, David George, as you have come to expect of him, gives you an insight into the changes, the reasons behind the changes and even some of the thinking and decision processes that let to 2022 as we have it now.

PS: About keeping “the look”……we meant it this way. Square lights forever! (jk)

First shipments of 2022 models are slated to arrive US shores end of September, expected at the dealers in October.